We drive on the left as in England and Australia. All speed limits are in km/h, 30-50 for towns, 60 for suburbs and 90 for major (A) roads and dual carriageways. I’ll happily cruise along the open road at a good clip, but we must always slow right down through the towns/villages, 50 km/h maximum. There are often kids, dogs, chickens etc., kicking around in the streets. Also, if you see the tour guide braking, there’s a good reason – and you should brake, too! Many Thai´s ignore the typical unwritten rules of road positioning and merging we are used to in the West. We’ll go over this in person so don’t worry. There is always a “sweeper” and a service vehicle to make sure any riders caught by a traffic light or water buffalo crossing delay do not get separated from the group!

Every day, we will offer advice on the best things to see and do, but you’re under no pressure to follow the (small) crowd. You can strike out on your own at any time and simply meet back up with us when you’re ready. We’ll have preferred routes mapped out for you – but anyway you choose to arrive at the booked hotel is up to you! There are elephants and water buffalo´s … although you might not get there in time for dinner!

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.

For general enquiries you can use the “contact us” button on the top right and fill out the form or send a direct message to either Kay or Noah using the following contact details. Please be informed about our Thai office hrs (GMT +7); 10.00-19.00, 7days/week. These hours apply to our mobile phones too. Please think about the time difference, before you make a call, thanks for your consideration: Kay – English/German Language +66 87 316 0907 (; Noah – English/Thai Language +66 80 127 2595 (; Also you will find us on Facebook (Big Bike Tours), you can click on the Facebook Icon on the top right side of this website too.

Any damage, mechanical or electrical failure on any Big Bike Tours motorcycle must be reported to the tour leader immediately. Included within the tour price is standard motorcycle damage insurance which covers you for incidental damages. You will be liable for the first 25,000 THB in any claim and in the event of a write-off (never happened yet) you will be liable for 100,000 THB (Thai Baht) We do offer an upgrade to this insurance bringing the liability down to 10,000 and 75,000 respectively if you wish to upgrade it (500 THB per bike and day). Please note this is only applicable to tours within Thailand.

We’re not in a race on our tours. There’s a lot to see and a lot to do in Asia that doesn’t involve riding along some of the world’s most scenic roads. Although that is certainly a great reason for booking your trip! We usually ride about 200 to 250 kilometers daily. We leave our hotel around 8:30-9:00 a.m. After a breakfast. Stops for attractions, photos, activities such as feeding the elephants or visiting a mountain-top village or temple are scheduled before and after lunch depending on the group’s preference. We break to stretch our legs and share a coffee or cool drink about every hour or so. Our goal is enjoy the ride and take in as much of the local culture as possible. It’s an Once-in-a-lifetime trip – we don’t want you to miss anything!

No, a valid national driving permit or a valid license with motorcycle amendment from your home country – are all that is required, cause you are on a guided motorcycle tour with us.

Where our luxury van or the service vehicle is not available we supply a 10 liter backpack for use on tour. This pack will sit easily on the back of your bike and it carries a large amount of gear that compresses down very small. Every motorcycle also have the option to put a topbox or panniers on. Any remaining luggage not needed on tour can be left in our Chiang Mai Office safe and secure.