We have a stock of motorbike helmets, jackets, gloves, body protection and knee guards. Good quality and only European brands in many different sizes. Please tell us what you may need from us and we will hold whatever we can for you, but please understand we cannot guarantee a brandnew quality as they have been worn by many riders on our tours and the sizes may not fit you correctly. We recommend to bring your own gears to feel the most comfortable.

Please be informed, that we not offer boots and trousers as due hygienic reasons. Good trekking or sport shoes and jeans (Kevlar) should be enough. We not go racing, we want to touring … 😉

Certain motorbike gear can be bought in Chiang Mai but European standard gear will cost more than in your own country! There are many manufacturers (mostly Chinese) that sell motorbike gear here in Thailand and to be fair for the price most of it is actually good quality. Jackets and Trousers, knee pads, arm pads etc. can all be bought in Chiang Mai. However, please make sure you arrive in Chiang Mai allowing yourself plenty of time to buy anything you may need.